microdose psylocibin

microdose psylocibin is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance, such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin-containing mushrooms. According to media reports, microdosing has grown in popularity, yet the scientific literature contains minimal research on this practice. There has been limited reporting on adverse events associated with microdosing, and the experiences of microdosers in community samples have not been categorized.

How to Microdose Psilocybin

While you may have been imagining popping a shroom into your mouth, along with your pancakes and coffee every morning, it’s unfortunately not that simple to microdose Psilocybin.

Don’t be discouraged though, we wouldn’t say it’s that difficult either.

Microdosing requires you to take a very specific amount of psychedelic substance. Too little and there won’t be any results, but too much and your day may become a bit too colorful.

Before you consume your shrooms you need to dry them out and grind them into a powder. Something to keep in mind is that different mushroom strains, different individual mushrooms, and different parts of shrooms will contain different quantities of psychedelic substance.

While we can thank Mother Nature for providing us with the magical plant that is psilocybin, she, unfortunately, was not very concerned with helping us create super-specific shroom dosages. microdose psylocibin amount.

How to Consume Shrooms

Your shrooms are ground up. You know how much you are going to take. microdosing psylocibin how much.

Now it’s time for you to decide how you are going to consume them!

If you want, you can ingest the powder, but we wouldn’t recommend this route. Not because it won’t work, it definitely will, it’s just that shrooms have a very, well, peculiar taste. Some have compared it to straight dirt.

A better, but almost as simple, way to ingest the powder is by adding it to your morning tea. Stir it in, maybe with some lemon and honey, and drink away. microdosing with psylocibin.

You can also fill up empty capsules with the shroom powder. We like this method because you can dose the shrooms out once, at the beginning of the month, instead of every other morning.

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