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Buy LSD Gel Tabs. LSD gel tabs look like conventional LSD blotters, but instead of paper, they’re made of a thin LSD-infused gelatin square. Buy acid gel tabs online, best place to buy LSD gel tabs, buy 1p-lsd online, buy acid tabs UK, buy lsd blotters online, buy acid tabs, lsd tabs for sale.

They look just like little pieces of Jell-O. Sometimes they’re colored or made to look more decorative with cut designs or gold flakes; other times, they’re manufactured with unique shapes and designs to make them stand out.

LSD gel tabs contain a single dose of LSD. They’re used the same way as conventional blotter papers. Users place a single tab under the tongue where it’s absorbed through a network of tiny capillaries lining the base of the tongue.

Powerful Than Blotters?

While the LSD contained within blotters and gel tabs is the same, the capacity to hold more LSD can technically make gel tabs more powerful. However, this is only true if the gel tab actually contains more LSD. best place to buy lsd gel tabs online.

Most manufacturers will still include the same dosage range for gels as they do blotters. This is because the common dose is already just right for most people. There’s not really a need to make the tabs stronger when it’s just as easy to take two tabs for a stronger dose. lsd gel tabs for sale.

How Much LSD Do Gel Tabs Contain?

The precise dose contained within a single LSD gel tab varies wildly — from 40 micrograms up to around 500 mcg.

The exact dose depends on how much liquid LSD was used to create the entire gel sheet and how large the gel tabs were cut.

The standard dose for a gel tab is between 100 and 150 micrograms. Even though gels can hold more LSD per 1/4 inch square, the ideal dose is around the 100 to 150 mcg mark, so most manufacturers stick within this range.  can i buy lsd gel tabs from my house.

It’s impossible to confirm exactly how much LSD is in your gel tabs unless you have a lab test the tab for you. As such, it’s wise to limit yourself to just one tab when using a new batch for the first time — regardless of how experienced you are with using LSD. LSD Gel Tabs For Sale shipping worldwide at the number one online psychedelic shop in USA. 


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7 reviews for LSD Gel Tabs

  1. Julie Broberg

    I will recommend this for begainners 50ug .
    Very good alternative and good product
    Great visuals

  2. Susanne Jørgensen

    Dosed one Tab, Had an enjoying Trip. Good Delivery, very fast. Solid Overall. Recommend this Vendor and product 100%

  3. Rasmus Poulsen

    Cream of the crop. 100% worth the purchase!

  4. Marcus Merrylees

    Me an my friends did research with this stuff 3 times. The first time was very frightening. The second one was quite good and the last time was very nice. It took us round about 8 hours and we had most fun after 2-3 hours.

  5. Ronald L. Brown

    Customer service was really fast and good thanks Jenifa for being there to see me through the process.
    International delivery: reasonable in this covid-19 time (10 days), though the tracking info on Post NL is late (3 days behind).
    The product quality was very fine… so it’s hard to keep quantity little enough (I always start from the little up).

  6. John M. Gordon

    Received my order first 10 days after purchase as expected tested the quality using high lab equipment and I can tell you it’s pretty pure. Although with my second order I payed 23~$ for fast air shipping and my order was sent by ground and took almost 25 days to arrive tried contacting the shipping company to no avail and then I contacted the seller to no avail either. Anyways experience wasn’t that bad overall 100% would recommend them without a doubt!
    P.S. I would love to see if they could figure their shipping times so we can get faster shipping throughout the EU! <3

  7. Jose R. Sims

    I’ve researched this chemical extensively and i can safely say it’s up there when it comes to psychedelics! Mind bending visualizations without the headspace.

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