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LSD is also sometimes sold as capsules, pills, or sugar cubes. In each form, LSD is diluted with other chemicals or products. Potency for each LSD product varies. There’s virtually no way to know how much LSD is in any form you take.

Buy LSD Tabs Online

Buy LSD Tabs Online. LSD  is one of the most potent, mood-changing chemicals. It is manufactured from lysergic acid, which is found in the ergot fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

It is produced in crystal form in illegal laboratories, mainly in the United States. These crystals are converted to a liquid for distribution. It is odorless, colorless, and has a slightly bitter taste.

Known as “acid” and by many other names, LSD is sold on the street in small tablets (“microdots”), capsules or gelatin squares (window panes). It is sometimes added to absorbent paper, which is then divided into small squares decorated with designs or cartoon characters (“loony toons”). Occasionally it is sold in liquid form. But no matter what form it comes in, LSD leads the user to the same place—a serious disconnection from reality. where to buy LSD tabs online USA.

LSD users call an LSD experience a “trip,” typically lasting twelve hours or so. When things go wrong, which often happens, it is called a “bad trip,” another name for a living hell. lsd blotter chemical.

how do people take it \ Buy LSD Tabs Online UK

  • By swallowing it if it’s a tab or a pellet (micro dot)
  • By dropping it onto the tongue if it’s liquid
  • By dropping it onto food or into a drink if it’s liquid

LSD stands for its chemical name, lysergic acid diethylamide, and is commonly called acid.

It’s a powerful hallucinogenic drug, which means you’re likely to experience a distorted view of objects and reality if you take it. The experience of taking LSD is called tripping.

LSD trips can last several hours and can be very intense. Trips are often described as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on whether the experience was enjoyable or distressing.

When you take LSD, there’s no way of knowing how you might feel or what kind of trip you’re going to go on. And once you start tripping it’s difficult to control the effects.

LSD can also be taken in very small amounts, and this is sometimes called micro-dosing.


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    Fast shipping, research conducted at 25ug, results very promising, further testing required

  3. Hans Petrussen

    My biggest fear was that I won’t get my order in time or at all. Good thing is I received it today and I was very happy, cuz I honestly expected to be scammed, idk why.
    Haven’t tried the product yet, just wanted to comment on the delivery. Think I got it in les than 3 days, not exactly sure. Thanks realchems!

  4. Susanne Pedersen

    Arrived quick, the product was great, really enjoyed my research with it.

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    I look forward to the next order ! Delivery took 3 days (tracked UPS)

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    Fast delivery to Italy(3 days) and they even added me one for free
    The esperiment went really well and lasted for 4/5 hours at least.

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