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One of the most well-known hallucinogenic mushrooms in the world for its psychotropic effects is the Psilocybe mexicana. It is a species of psilocybin mushroom that belongs to the Strophariaceae family. It is a species of fungus endemic to the Mesoamerican region, so it cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Its special properties made it be used more than 2.000 years ago by pre-Hispanic cultures. Today many people use this mushroom for its hallucinogenic properties.

Psilocybe Mexicana For Sale USA

Psilocybe Mexicana For Sale. Psilocybe mexicana is a psychedelic mushroom. Its first known usage was by the natives of North and Central America over 2,000 years ago. Known to the Aztecs as teotlnanácatl, from the Nahuatl teotl (“god”) + nanácatl (“fungus”). psilocybe mexicana mushroom strain.

Methods of Psilocybin Use \ Psilocybe Mushrooms In Michigan

“Magic Mushrooms” have long, slender stems which may appear white or greyish topped by caps with dark gills on the underside. Dried mushrooms are usually a reddish rust brown color with isolated areas of off-white. Mushrooms are ingested orally and may be made into a tea or mixed into other foods. The mushrooms may be used as fresh or dried product. Psilocybin has a bitter, unpalatable taste. psilocybe mushroom spores california. 

A “bad trip or a unpleasant or even terrifying experience, may occur with any dose of psilocybin. In general, dried mushrooms contain about 0.2% to 0.4% psilocybin and only trace amounts of psilocin. The typical dose of psilocybin used for recreational purposes varies, with peak effects occurring in 1 to 2 hours, and lasting for about six hours. psilocybe mushroom spores.

Dose and effects can vary considerably depending upon mushroom type, method of preparation, and tolerance of the individual. It can be difficult to determine the exact species of mushroom or how much hallucinogen each mushroom contains. Initial smaller doses and a longer period of time to determine the effects may be a safer option if you choose to use psilocybin for recreational purposes. psilocybe mushrooms in new york.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Use \ Psilocybe mexicana For Sale

Physical effects of psychedelic mushrooms may include a feeling of nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, confusion, and a lack of coordination. Combined use with other substances, such as alcohol and marijuana can heighten, or worsen all of these effects. psilocybe mushrooms in new jersey 

Other effects of hallucinogenic drugs can include:

  • intensified feelings and sensory experiences
  • changes in sense of time (for example, time passing by slowly)
  • increased blood pressure, breathing rate, or body temperature
  • loss of appetite
  • dry mouth
  • sleep problems
  • mixed senses (such as “seeing” sounds or “hearing” colors)
  • spiritual experiences
  • feelings of relaxation or detachment from self/environment
  • uncoordinated movements
  • lowered inhibition
  • excessive sweating
  • panic
  • paranoia – extreme and unreasonable distrust of others
  • psychosis – disordered thinking detached from reality

Larger psilocybin doses, including an overdose, can lead to intense hallucinogenic effects over a longer period of time. An intense “trip” episode may occur, which may involve panic, paranoia, psychosis, frightful visualizations (“bad trip”), and very rarely death. Memory of a “bad trip can last a lifetime. psilocybe mushrooms found in australia.


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