Where To Get MDMA Online


max. 1.5 mg MDMA per kg body weight for men, max. 1.3 mg per kg of body weight for women.
Onset and duration: after approx. 30 min. / 4-6 hours.

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Where To Get MDMA Online

When it comes to addiction education, it’s also good to know how long MDMA is detectable in your system. The recreational effects of MDMA only last about three to seven hours. With that said, hair follicle testing can detect MDMA use within the past 90 days.

Other tests can only detect MDMA in your system over a period of a few days. For example, a urine test can detect the drug two or three days after use. Of course, this timeline varies depending on the individual. For example, drinking a lot of water decreases the time in which this test can detect MDMA.

Where To Get MDMA/Buy MDMA Online

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